Lisa Jay Stage Institute all set for ‘Skool Run’ shows at Embassy Theatre in Skegness

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Following on from their recent success in appearing with Strictly Come Dancing stars Katya Virshilas and Pasha Kovalev, students from the Lisa Jay Stage Institute will be returning to the stage of the Embassy Theatre next week to appear in their very own production “Skool Run”.

The plot is another original story from the pen of Principal Lisa Jay and is set at Minion High School, an inclusive school for all freaksters great and small who are busy preparing for their end of term production.

When the school gates open for the new term at Minion High, pupils gather outside the school gates to meet the new Head, Mrs. Loopy and yes, she most certainly is loopy!

“This isn’t an ordinary school with ordinary pupils and ordinary teachers. This is an extra-ordinary school where ghosts, freaks, fairytale characters, naughty delinquents and pretty much the unwanted minions of society are taught,” said Lisa Jay.

“Mrs Loopy adores all the pupils wants them to succeed in life and so announces there will be an end of term school production.

“Although the show is mostly in the throes of a typical day at school, we fast forward to the end of term and showcase several dance routines from the end of term school production,” she added. “Stick with it, because you’re going to love the show and all who perform in it.”

The show is on at the Embassy Theatre in Skegness on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (May 22-24) at 7pm each night.

For ticket information call 0845 674 0505 or visit