Holistic healing training

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A local holistic healing group is open to new members/trainers.

The Healers 2006 group, which has 50 per cent of its membership in the Skegness area, is operated by local woman Glennis Rogerson.

It’s holistic healing offers healing of the whole body.

“In our constitution it is written that healing can be carried out using any method that the Therapist is qualified in,” she said. “To join the Healers Group costs £5 for a membership pack and £10 subs each year.

“The course is carried out in my home and is free apart from a donation of a few pence if the person has tea etc.

“Insurance is £9 or higher if the person practices different therapies and Balens Insurance can arrange insurance for anyone.

“This year our AGM, which will be held on June 8 at the Methodist Church Hall in Skegness, is also themed to incorporate therapies. Members attending can try out many therapies including Reflexology, Counselling, Facials and Aromatherapy.

“I teach in my home Healing, Aromatherapy, Chinese Medicine, Phytotherapy and Nutrition, amongst many others, according to demand and my time.

“I am now 71 and disabled and charge very little for teaching any therapy. Groups are in threes and fours and it is not essential to be a member of Healers2006 to learn these therapies except to learn Holistic Healing itself,” added Glennis.

Go to www.healers2006.co.uk for full details of all the courses taught.