Give game a whirl!

WITH the pheasant season now underway there isn’t a better time to give game meat a whirl.

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) has used the launch of this year’s season on October 1 as the launchpad to encourage more people to give game a chance.

Game is an incredibly popular meat and last year sales reached around £84 million.

With game’s popularity as big as ever now’s the chance to see what you’ve been missing.

“As the season gets underway, there will be plenty of affordable, locally-sourced and tasty game meat available,” said Debbie Collins from BASC.

“Game meat is healthy, sustainable and highly nutritious and has seen a surge in popularity in recent years.

“So why don’t you give game a go? Try a tasty pheasant casserole or ask your butcher about venison,” she added.

Of course pheasant isn’t the only type of game meat out there.

Everything from rabbit to duck and venison are among the game meat options out there.

How does a delectable venison steak sound?

Or what about a hearty and rich soup featuring mouth-watering game meat?

There are 1000s of different recipes out there, each with their own unique charm and a rich flavour that is totally unique.

The BASC is the UK’s largest shooting organisation and works year round to encourage people to try game meat.

Shoot providers also spend £250 million a year on conservation and shooting is involved in the management of two thirds of the rural land area.

People who shoot put in 2.7 million work days on conservation projects each year.

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A BASC spokesperson added: “If you’ve never tasted game meat you need to know that it is healthy, very nutritious, low in fat and high in protein.

“All game species are found in a wild and natural environment where a sustainable harvest is taken by shooters to provide food for the table. Game meat is regularly promoted in a range of cookery books,” they added.