Embassy Theatre releases details of new ‘Lady Boys from Bangkok’ show - ‘Glamorous Amorous’

The Embassy Theatre in Skegness has released details of the ‘sensational’ new show from The Lady Boys of Bangkok - Glamrous Amorous.

The show will roll into Skegness later this month and Embassy Theatre staff promise a “fabulous” show.

“Glamorous Amorous! With a title like that it could only be the Lady Boys of Bangkok back with a fabulous new show for 2013,” said the spokesperson.

“They’ll be arriving to entertain Skegness like no one else can on Wednesday, April 17 at the Embassy Theatre.

“Dripping with diamante and sizzling on stage with new songs and side splitting comedy. From J-lo to Whitney, the stars and chart topping hits just keep on coming.

“You can expect the usual truly glamorous and funny cabaret antics, this time complete with even more flamboyant costumes, painstakingly immaculate make up and show stopping choreography.

“With an all new set list, the Lady Boys will be performing classic numbers from Saturday Night Fever to current hits from Cheryl Cole and even a bit of Gangnam Style, Glamorous Amorous is set to be the experience of a lifetime.

“Book now to make sure you don’t miss out on the inspiring and captivating sight of the Lady Boys of Bangkok live on stage!”

Producer Carol Gandey added: “The continued appeal of the Lady Boys lies in the shows ability to renew itself every year with the topical comedy, surprises, satire and of course Dripping in Glamour, the result is a unique comedy cabaret experience!”

The show begins at 7.30pm on April 17.

Tickets are £21.50.

There’s a party discount of 10% available 9 (buy nine tickets get the 10th free).

For more information call 0845 674 0505 or visit www.embassytheatre.co.uk.