Community spirit transforms garden

The scene at the open day ceremony. Photo by John Crossland.
The scene at the open day ceremony. Photo by John Crossland.

A TIGHT-KNIT community has pulled together to transform a bare patch of earth into a wonderful new garden for all to enjoy.

Residents in Fold Hill, Friskney, celebrated the culmination of their hard work with an opening ceremony on Saturday.

Vice chairman of Fold Hill Tenants’ Association, David Bray, said: “I think it’s lovely now, it’s a beautiful place to live and if it were not for the hard work of the people behind the scenes it would not have been able to happen.

“Before we had the gardens not many of us would be able to get together, but now we’ve got a space to meet, there’s a lot more talking going on.”

The project began more than a year ago when a handful of neighbours teamed up in a bid to become more self sufficient by growing their own vegetables on a patch of disused ground.

As the scheme progressed, more residents joined their green-fingered neighbours and New Linx Housing Association offered its help in securing funding.

A total exceeding £9,000 was awarded to the project from New Linx’ Dream Scheme and the Big Lottery Fund to purchase fencing, flowers and plants.

Local businesses also offered sheds and decking to assist with the transformation.

The completed garden, which has full disabled access, now boasts vegetable plots, raised flower beds and even a Residents Headquarters building, converted from a shed.

A sense of community spirit that laid the seeds of the project is continuing to blossom after its completion.

Young and old alike are working together to decide what crops to plant and the harvest which they reap is to be shared amongst all of the tenants.

There will also be opportunities to host more social events in the gardens. Plans are already in place to hold a Halloween party and a Bonfire Night celebration.

In the meantime residents are enjoying the summer sunshine in their beautiful new surroundings. Resident Berverly Law said: “It all started from a bare patch of grass and now we’ve got a lovely garden, its absolutely gorgeous.”