Chuckle Brothers back

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THE Chuckle Brothers are set to bring their latest fun-filled stage show to Skegness again on Tuesday, August 28.

“Return of the Pirates of the River Rother 2 - In Stranger Tights” will take to the stage of the Embassy Theatre at 7pm.

“Paul and Barry are visiting a Theme Park for the day and decide to brave going on one of the daring water rides. Once inside, they are leaning on a wall when they accidently fall through and find themselves magically transported back in time to a world of Pirates and sunken treasures,” said a spokesperson.

“Don’t miss this spectacular pirate adventure,” they added.

Tickets cost £16 for adults, £15 for children and £53 for families (available from the box office).

For full details call 0845 674 0505 or visit