Chance to win a fitness hula hoop course and hoop worth £40*

Win a spot on a hula hoop course, and a hula hoop, with our competition.
Win a spot on a hula hoop course, and a hula hoop, with our competition.

The fitness shy have the chance to whirl their hips and get into shape while having a bit of laugh but also burning off some serious calories.

Surely the answer should be ‘sign me up now’ and that’s what those wishing to get a slimmer waist and physique for summer can do with a new hula hoop fitness class that is set to start in May and June.

Plus Emma McDonald fitness guru and founder of Lincolnshire Fitness, is offering a free fitness hula hoop class to one lucky reader and a hula hoop to use at home or better still in the garden now the summer is fast approaching.

To enter, readers must answer the simple question on the entry form printed in this week’s Standard, fill in their details and return the form to Skegness Standard, Unit 22, The Hildreds, High Street, Skegness by Tuesday, April 30 to be in with a chance of winning.

So why not be part of the new fitness craze sweeping the country and remember those days when you used to spin those hips with toy hoops.

“Well, hooping is back and it isn’t just for kids anymore. The new hi-tech Fitness Hoops are larger and weighted which allows the hoop to move and manoeuvre around an adult body with ease,” said Emma McDonald for Lincolnshire Fitness.

“Fitness Hula Hooping is a fun but very effective class and will guarantee to burn fat and calories at an amazing rate, burning up to 100 calories in just 10 minutes,” added Emma.

The classes are designed to give users an all over body workout but will really focus on flattening the tummy, pulling in the waist and toning those hips and thighs giving individuals an effective abdominal workout without a single sit up in sight.

“Hula Hooping is also great for relieving stress and tension by promoting laughter and fun,” explained Emma.

“Okay, so if you’re thinking I will never be able to Hula Hoop like I did when I was eight-years-old - well that’s where things have changed.

“We are using special weighted hoops (not the same as the ones you had when you were at school) and the advantage to the added weight is that it’s actually easier to keep momentum with the hoop, which makes it easier to keep the hoop centred on your body.

“It also makes the experience more of a physical workout because you’re essentially turning hula hooping into a resistance exercise, similar to lifting weights,” continued Emma.

In addition, the constant movement needed to maintain and keep the hula hoop spinning makes it an aerobic activity which burns calories, and can lead to weight loss.

The Fitness Hula Hooping course will be starting in May and June. Both daytime and evening classes will be available. Places are limited and in demand. The course will be £25 when booking is secured.

But get those vouchers in by Tuesday, April 30 by 5pm to be in with a chance of winning a place on the five week course and a hula hoop of your own, worth £15.