Excellent catches

The latest sports news for the Hemel area
The latest sports news for the Hemel area

Skegness Pier Angling Club members have been experiencing excellent catches in recent matches.


Match 21 (Bohemia Point - Dutton Cup) - 1 Garry Hutson 806cm; 2 Alan Steadman 694cm, 3 Paul Marshal 655cm; Longest round fish - Fred Donner 42cm (1lb 4oz); Longest flatfish - Adrian Marklew 29cm (10oz).

Match 22 (Chapel Point - Shipstone Cup) - 1 Adie Cooper 884cm, 2 Dan Jackson 702cm, 3 Alan Steadman 667cm; Longest round fish - Adie Cooper 40cm (1lb 2oz); Longest flatfish - Fred Donner & Adrian Marklew 30cm (12oz).

Match 23 (Trunch Lane - A. Smith Cup) - Dave Burr 424cm, 2 Bob Foster 309cm, 3 Fred Donner 222cm; Longest flatfish - Dave Burr 27cm, Longest round fish - Dave Burr 65cm (6lb 5oz).

The next match will be on December 12 (2.30-8.30pm), for details call Chas Tibble on 07984 967988 or email chastibble@hotmail.com