Anglers struggle with the weather

STRONG winds and no small fish made it a struggle for the anglers at the latest Southview Skegness open meeting.

Ian Boden, of Skegness, had a good run of carp midway through the match to take top spot, with a total weight of 44lb 13oz.

In a close second place was Russ Parsons, of Skegness MG, who had a good start but just fell short with a weight of 42lb 4oz.


1 Ian Boden, Skegness, 44lb 13oz, 2 Russ Parsons, Skegness MG, 42lb 4oz, 3 Steve Higgingbottom, Westwood Lakes, 38lb 12oz, 4 Joe McCormack, Southview, 37lb 9oz, 5 Gavin Butler, Maver Tech, 36lb 14oz, 6 Dean Webb, Skegness, 30lb 10oz.