‘What were Conservative councillors so scared of?’

EDITOR - I sat in disbelief at the full council meeting on February 1 when Coun Mark Anderson put forward a motion asking local schools to consider full consultation with the Town Council/local parents when considering conversion to academy status.

It was perfectly clear that the subsequent vote was political, as every Conservative member opposed the motion - only Labour and the independent councillors supported the motion.

What are the Tories scared of?

I say give the parents the information, we are capable of making decisions.

To talk of the big society and transparency, we are all in this together but we don’t want you to be consulted just in case you realise the wool is being pulled over your eyes,

I believe academies are big business and someone will earn a lot of money out of them, and the losers will be the future generations of kids who will be let down.


Royal Arthur Close