‘What next to bolster our sea defences?’

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EDITOR - In 2015, the government funding for flood defences along the Lincolnshire coast will stop.

It will be interesting to see what Lincolnshire County Council and East Lindsey District Council will do about this situation.

At this moment of time the Environment Agency puts sand on the beach from the sea bed by dredging at the cost of six million pounds plus, each year. Over 10 years the flood defences have cost the environment agency £72 million pounds.

When the government funding for the defences runs out in 2015, where will the council get the money from?

It will mean a big rise in council tax and even that would not be enough.

I was told we could not get a grant from Europe, as they say our coast is not long enough.

But East Lindsey district council are asking for a grant of one and a half million pounds towards the shelter from Scarborough Avenue to start at Bottons funfair, to the sea front.

If this is granted, there will be no justice for people who could be affected by flooding and damage to property.

So when you look at this situation, look at all the money being wasted by dredging sand off the sea bed as a flood defence, when it could have built a sea wall from Mablethorpe to Skegness for the same price!

M Gabbitas

Dorothy Avenue