LETTER: Trouble finding expenses


I note with interest that in many counties that there is a move afoot by activists, in these times of us all having to tighten our belts, to lobby to restrict councillors’ expenses to a basic amount.

With this in mind I attempted to find our (East Lindsey District Council ) councillors’ expenses on the ELDC website. No success under ‘E’ for expenses or ‘C’ for councillors. I worked my way forward through the alphabet without success and in frustration telephoned ELDC after some time they came back with the information I would find it under ‘T’ , for transparency. Thanks to this ‘transparency’ I now know 2012 to 2013 we the council tax payer gave them a total of £37,9462.77p with one councillor claiming for that period £2,4780.17p.

Brian Wood