‘I was honoured to lead Remembrance parade’

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EDITOR - As Mayor of Skegness I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank the Royal British Legion for allowing me the privilege of leading their remembrance service parade.

The parade was again organised to its usual high standard and it was heart warming to see so many people both lining the route and at the memorial for the service.

There are moments in everybody’s life when an event happens that is so significant that the time and date of that event are permanently etched into their minds.

For me laying the poppy wreath on Sunday, November 13 will always be one of those times. The time I had the honour of leading the towns act of remembrance to our brave men and women who selflessly made the ultimate sacrifice for us all.

My time as Mayor will pass, and ultimately be forgotten. Through the work of The Royal British Legion that will not be the case for those who have fallen in battle; “we will remember them”.


Skegness Town Mayor