‘Councillor helped me out’

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EDITOR – I am getting fed up with the letters from Labour people attacking Councillor Davie.

For the record I want to thank him for all the help and support he gave me in resolving serious issues I had with social services over my late husband.

He was there when I needed him and more importantly he knocked heads together and resolved things quickly.

I voted labour all my life until the last government decided that us pensioners could live on a 10p a week rise in our pensions.

My father was a miner and his father before him and it was our leaders in the labour movement, as much as Margaret Thatcher, who did away with the mining industry.

Many who live in Ingoldmells, who have retired from the pit villages haven’t yet worked out that there is no point re-fighting the battles of the past.

We need to accept the reality of the present and vote for someone who is there for us when we need them. What us the point of having a Labour councillor when the council is conservative led. They cannot influence or change anything from the sidelines.

I am not Councillor Archer’s comrade, I am not standing on a picket line fighting a lost cause. I am a resident of this village and I expect those who elected to work for this village and all who live here, and earn their allowances.

Sadly, I have now decided to leave Ingoldmells for a new life outside Lincolnshire but I wanted to record my thanks to Councillor Davie for his assistance.