Snow and ice advice published for area

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East Lindsey District Council has published the government’s snow and ice advice to remind local people that they can clear pavements and public spaces themselves, providing it’s done sensibly.

The government suggest that residents can prevent slips by paying extra attention to clear snow and ice from steps and steep pathways.

It suggests that snow or ice is cleared early in the day as it is easier to move fresh, loose snow rather than hard snow that has packed together from people walking on it. Using salt or sand, not water, to melt the snow is also advised as it may refreeze and turn to black ice.

ELDC’s Acting Chief Executive, Stuart Davy, said: “Ahead of the forthcoming winter we’ve invested in new kit to help us treat car parks and have published a list of those car parks we will focus our resources on. We will do the best we can to keep priority car parks in town centres clear of ice and snow as this will enable the community to go about their normal business and it will support the economy.”