Coastguard in Skegness Beach exercise

Coastguard members during the training exercise.

Coastguard members during the training exercise.

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Beachgoers in Skegness were given a fascinating glimpse of the activities of the area’s Coastguards when they held a special training exercise on the main beach at the weekend.

The members of the Coastguard team (pictured) were conducting the exercise as part of a two-day ‘Officer in Charge’ training course. One of the practical elements of the course invovled preparing the beach as if a Sea King helicopter was making a landing for an emergency medical evacuation.

“Part of the course involves a lot of classroom and theory but there are also a lot of practical activities,“ said Jamie King, the Coastguard’s sector manager for Lincolnshire. “The exercise on the beach involved organising a helicopter landing site which would have been suitable for use by a Sea King [if the exercise were real]. It allows the team to practice communications with the helicopter and the siting of the landing area.”