Porpoise rescued from Chapel beach

The rescued porpoise.
The rescued porpoise.
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The seals at a Skegness sanctuary did not quite know what to make of their newest rescued pool mate at the weekend when it briefly stopped by to rest.

A team from Natureland Seal Sanctuary were called out to Wolla Bank beach, Chapel St Leonards, on Saturday after receiving reports of a porpoise being seen stranded.

Never a dull moment for the staff, they hurried down, to firstly try and help the dolphin like descendent back out to sea but tides pushed it back.

“It tried to swim out but the strong tide kept bringing it back,” said a spokesperson for Natureland Seal Sanctuary.

So the staff had no choice but to bring the porpoise back to the sanctuary, where it was wrapped in wet towels and later released in the seal pool.

Staff said, the seals did not quite know what to make of their new friend.

After resting in the pool overnight, the porpoise was taken about one-and-a-half miles out to sea and released into deep water.

“We were very lucky to find that the Skegness Inshore Lifeboat was out on exercise and when they heard of our problem they were very keen to help - many thanks to them, they did a great job,” the spokesperson added. “Thanks to them the porpoise stands a lot better chance of finding its way back to its feeding grounds and meeting up with its pod of other porpoises.