Councillor secures a second term as Mayor

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SPILSBY Town Council appointed senior positions for the coming year at its annual meeting on Thursday.

The incumbent Mayor Coun Michael Lenton was reappointed for a customary second year following his nomination by Coun Trevor Beaumont, who said he had done a ‘sterling job’.

Accepting the role Coun Lenton said: “I would like to thank you very much indeed for your support and I hope to continue with the work we’ve already done because I cannot do this without you.”

A rival bid for the position had been made by Coun Julia Pears, who despite reiterating Coun Beaumont’s sentiments on the current Mayor’s successes in office, felt she was due a turn of her own.

She said: “I’ve only lived in Spilsby for 12 and a half a years but I’ve worked very hard and I’m very pleased for the people who voted for me.

“I really enjoy coming here and I really appreciate being a councillor.

“I was slightly disappointed that Jim Swanson, David Pleming and Michael Lenton have been Mayors before me.

“I’ve worked very hard and I would like to be considered as chair or vice chair one year, because I’ve been here longer than those three people.”

Although Coun Pears’ nomination of herself was seconded by Coun Winston Baugh the resulting vote on the matter was won by Coun Lenton.

Undeterred, Coun Pears then nominated herself for the position of vice-chairman, for which Coun Peter Grant had also been nominated by Coun Trevor Beaumont.

Despite providing an account of the numerous qualities and achievements she felt suited her to the role, Coun Pears again lost the vote and Coun Grant was appointed vice-chairman, at which point Coun Pears left the meeting.

Addressing his fellow councillors in his new role Coun Grant said: “May I just thank the councillors that voted for me - it was a bit unexpected for me.

“Most of the present councillors know that I’ve sat here before but it’s still a great honour.

“I will do what I can for the people of Spilsby.”