Council to gain paths in scheme

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SKEGNESS will gain additional footways in a county council parish path scheme due to start in April 2013.

Town councillors discussed the current contract, which has come to an end, at a recent Direction and Strategy meeting last week.

The new contract will run for three years and the town’s paths will increase from 8.97 kilometres to 11.26 kilometres.

Councillors heard how Lincolnshire County Council has amended the paths cutting schedule and provided the council with a measured plans list for each path.

Changes include some paths being included into Skegness’s responsibility for the first time and some paths have been removed through the scheme.

LCC believe that the changes will help alleviate some of the local concerns over pathways raised during the summer and give the town council more flexibility.

The county council will meet the contract price for three cuts and may meet the cost of additional cuts in exceptional circumstances.

The general responsibilities remain as previously in place.

Coun Mark Smith expressed his support for the scheme, saying it was ‘good’ for local councils to control the contractors as they could go ‘straight to the problem’ if there was one.

Mayor Coun Anderson also thought it was a ‘good move’ as it was right to maintain pathways for ramblers and visitors.

He also thought it was good to ‘maintain Skegness as a tourist destination’.

The town council noted the scheme which is currently in the tendering process.