Police continue crackdown on anti-social behaviour in Skegness

Police continued their fight against anti-social behaviour in Skegness yesterday. ANL-171010-074504001

A dispersal notice was put in place by Skegness police yesterday in the Force’s continued fight against anti-social behaviour.

The notice was put in place around lunchtime and was active until 9pm.

East Lindsey’s Temporary Chief Insp Colin Haigh tweeted: “Skegness is currently subject to a dispersal notice. All types of ASB will be dealt with appropriately.”

Within an hour an officer has removed a beggar from the town centre. T/Chief Insp Haigh tweeted: “Dispersal notice issued by PCSO Morris for begging. All types of ASB will be challenged and help provided where necessary.”

The major crackdown on street drinking and begging began in Skegness last week and saw 13 people booted out of the town centre for “unaccepable” behaviour.

Police join forces with other agencies in Operation Lauderdale following complaints about anti-social behaviour by homeless people living in shelters along the sea front – including drug dealing, urinating and defecating.

l See tomorrow’s Skegness Standard for the full story.

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