VIDEO: Bishop of Lincoln blesses Skegness sea defences on 60th anniversary of 1953 North Sea floods

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The Bishop of Lincoln blessed the sea defences in Skegness last night (Thursday) as part of the area’s services to mark the 60th anniversary of the devastating 1953 coastal floods.

The terrible flooding was caused when low pressure, unusually high spring tides and strong winds combined to form a terrifying storm surge on the night of January 31st and February 1st, 1953.

The carnage which followed claimed 42 lives in Lincolnshire, and thousands more across the UK and Europe.

The Rt Revd Christopher Lowson stopped off at the Skegness sea defences shortly before 5.30pm last night, ahead of a memorial service in St. Matthew’s Church and the symbolic lighting of the town’s beach beacon in memory of the dead.

Bishop Lowson said: “Let us pray to God for his blessing on these sea defences.

“Oh eternal God who alone spreads out the heavens and rules the raging of the sea, lest we pray [for] these sea defences and all those that protect this coastline, which may preserve us from the dangers of the sea and be a safeguard for all those whose lives are bound up with it and security to those whose livelihoods depend upon it.

“Guard your people, our towns and our land. May we live in peace and quietness ever mindful of your love and your mercy towards us, through Jesus Christ our lord. Amen,” he added.




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