Gibraltar Point Visitor Centre inundated by tidal surge

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The Gibraltar Point Nature Reserve was one of the big local casualties in last night’s tidal surge (Thursday).

The Environment Agency had several severe flood warnings in force along the Wash coastline last night, all the way from the Gibraltar Point site down to Boston.

And their dire warnings came to pass. Boston was inundated by the deluge.

And Gibraltar Point has also suffered damage.

Water two feet deep flooded out the visitor centre and Wash Study Centre buildings, despite them sitting a few feet proud of the surrounding landscape to mitigate against flooding.

The tidal surge also breached the fresh water marshes, flooding them with saltwater.

The reserve remains closed to the public today, with the access road flooded in places and sewage in the water.

A spokesperson for the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust, which runs the reserve, said: “The surge tide last night was the biggest since 1953, possibly two metres above normal levels.

“This has caused serious problems for us at our coastal sites.”

- The atached video shows surge damage in Skegness and this morning’s high tide in the town.




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