‘Kitchen knife’ found in Butlins bar after alleged ‘attack’

A kitchen knife was found in a public bar by a guest staying at Butlins, Ingoldmells, shortly after police were called to reports of an alleged ‘stabbing’, writes Amy Gallivan.

Butlins confirmed that a small knife was handed to the Resort Safety Team after it was found on the floor of the Reds venue roughly ‘30 to 40 minutes’ after Lincolnshire Police were called to the site following claims from a holidaymaker that she thought she’d been stabbed inside the club at around 12.30am on Sunday (February 10).

Police said there was ‘no evidence’ to link the two, although when first approached for comment, they said no ‘weapon’ was found.

“A small knife was handed to a member of the Resort Safety Team by a guest who said they had found it on the floor in the Reds venue,” said a spokesperson for Butlins.

Lorna Bland (pictured), who travelled down from Sunderland, had been enjoying a night out with a large group during the Butlins 80s weekender, when she said she felt a sharp pain after visiting the toilets. She said: “I felt a sharp pain in my stomach and after twenty seconds while getting some air, I noticed my hands were covered in blood and it was dripping down.”

The Reds venue was then evacuated by the venue staff and the police called and, Lorna claims, also an ambulance.

“The police were called and the Reds venue cleared to enable them to investigate the incident fully,” added a Butlins spokesperson.

“I waited for the ambulance and was taken to the Boston Hospital [Pilgrim], I had a CT scan,” Lorna added.

However, while police confirm there was a small kitchen knife that was found somewhere they said they had no evidence to link the item to the incident.

“Whilst police were in attendance, a security guard was handed a small kitchen knife that had been found somewhere but there is no evidence to link this item to the female or to suggest it caused her superficial injury,” said a spokesperson for Lincolnshire Police.

A Butlins spokesperson also stated that it believed the police would not be taking the matter any further.

However, Lorna says she believed she thought she was ‘dying’ at the time; but police say they arrived to find a female with ‘unexplained superficial injury’. “A female was found to have sustained an unexplained superficial injury but there was no evidence to support that a crime had occurred or that her injury was the result of a deliberate act against her,” said police.

The police said there was ‘no mention’ on the log to say the female needed to receive ‘medical attention’.