Woman injured by pothole warns ‘someone will really hurt themselves’ unless action taken

Jane Brain's painful pothole injury.
Jane Brain's painful pothole injury.

Urgent calls to improve the ‘horrendous’ condition of roads in Skegness have been made after a pedestrian suffered a painful pothole injury.

LIVES first responder Jane Brain required hospital treatment after falling down a water-filled pothole on a pedestrian crossing on Lumley Road near the Clock Tower.

She fears that unless Lincolnshire County Council takes urgent action, an elderly resident could injure themselves more severely.

She said: “It was embarrassing and it hurt a lot, my skirt was covered in blood and my legs were a mess.

“It’s getting dangerous now and we need our local councillors to get on to LCC to do something about the state of the roads, because someone will really hurt themselves.”

County councillors Ken Milner and Mark Smith had invited the executive councillor for Highways Coun William Webb to visit some of the town’s worst affected areas on Monday afternoon, to demonstrate the dire need for investment in road maintenance.

Unfortunately, the meeting was rescheduled for a later date due to snow but both councillors have expressed their commitment to campaigning for additional funding.

Coun Milner said: “Roads all over the country are in a bad state but I think the ones in Skegness are exceptionally bad and we need to make sure that the town gets its fair share of the funding that’s available.”

The government recently awarded LCC £6 million to carry out essential highways repairs and maintenance.

It is hoped Skegness will receive a sufficient share of the money to resolve the pothole issue.