SPECIAL REPORT: NHS says take ‘simple steps’


A spokesman for NHS Lincolnshire East CCG says everyone can take ‘simple steps’ to a healthier lifestyle.

“Obesity is a serious issue for the NHS in Lincolnshire, as identified in recent Public Health England statistics. Some simple steps can be introduced to your daily routine, to help people lead a healthier lifestyle.

Reducing the amount of alcohol consumed, giving up smoking and eating more fruit and vegetables are things that everyone can do to improve their health.

Also, it isn’t always necessary to go to the gym to improve your health, choose to take the stairs rather than the lift, walk rather than take the car and if you use the bus get off one stop earlier. However, I would always advise if you have not exercised for some time that it is advisable to speak to your GP or practice nurse before starting any new fitness regime

Lincolnshire County Council has commissioned a number of services to support people to maintain or achieve a healthy weight including healthy eating courses and programmes to encourage people to be more physically active.

A free 12 week Weight Watchers referral scheme is also available via GP surgeries, which encourages gradual weight loss based on changes in behaviour that is sustainable over time.”