Have you seen mysterious orange lights in Skegness?

Thursday, 2.45pm: A MYSTERIOUS formation of orange lights in the sky has been the subject of much speculation in letters sent to the Standard.

Susan Jeffery's letter published in the last edition of the Standard asked whether any other readers had seen balls of orange light in the sky following the thunder storms on Saturday, June 5.

Susan was at the Chase Caravan Park in Ingoldmells when she noticed the unidentified lights and more readers have come forward with similar descriptions of lights in the sky in that area.

Susan wondered whether the balls may have been meteors whereas others have attribute it to a rare weather phenomenon.

Sheila Essex said she witnessed five of the balls moving slowly in formation before disappearing out of vision.

The likeliest explanation for the phenomenon is unfortunately also the least interesting.

Press officer for the Met office Helen Chivers said: "They are probably Chinese lanterns - they became quite popular last year and we have had quite a few calls about them."

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