Governor suspended for raising head’s appointment

A GOVERNOR at Seathorne Primary School has been suspended for breaching confidentiality by discussing the appointment of a temporary head teacher.

Governors voted to suspend Coun Carl Macey for six months for mentioning the appointment of Emma Hadley to a Lincolnshire County Councillor.

Coun Macey felt that the conversation was held on legitimate grounds and believes his suspension to be unduly harsh.

He said: “I was obviously dismayed and upset by this decision, which I felt was unnecessary and unfair.

“The national guidance by which matters of this sort should be conducted, states that the maximum period of time that a governor can be suspended is six months. This sanction should only be used when all other options have been tried or in severe cases.

“No other option was looked into to try and resolve this issue and if I did breach confidentiality, which I do not believe to be the case, that breach could certainly not be classed as severe.”

Mrs Hadley was appointed by the governing body on a temporary basis in the absence of the current head teacher Iain Cameron.

She is also the head teacher at Ingoldmells Primary School and is sharing her responsibilities between both schools.

It is understood that the CfBT put forward a candidate for the role who would have been able to perform the role on a full time basis.

Coun Colin Davie believes that Coun Macey was right to raise questions regarding the appointment of head teachers in his role as governor.

He said: “It is the role of governors to challenge and question the processes of governing bodies - it’s quite clear here that certain people have been playing politics with children’s education.

“It’s always preferable for any school to have a full time teaching staff under a full time head.”

Chairman of governors Peter Tong was not prepared to comment on the appointment of head teachers.