Eco town for Strubby?

Wednesday, 9.34am - TWO former airfields close to Louth have been identified as possible locations for an eco town – an idea already raising concerns for the Countryside Alliance.

East Lindsey District Council has expressed an interest in developing an eco town at Manby or Strubby after being approached with the idea by the Government.

Chief executive of ELDC, Nigel Howells, said: "It's important to say that we have no definitive proposals at the moment, we've simply said we may be interested in developing an eco-town which could incorporate around 5,000 homes."

Speaking for the Countryside Alliance, Alice Barnard said the organisation was not objecting to new developments in rural areas but had concerns about the impact the town may have.

Referring to the 'huge amounts of poverty that exists in rural areas' she is anxious investment into such a project may divert funds away from already established but struggling rural communities which need financial assistance.

The eco town could be one of ten built nationally.

In addition, the Countryside Alliance is concerned the new homes may be 'top end and high spec' rather than the affordable housing they believe is needed.

Ms Barnard also continued to say minimum green standards should be enforced on all new builds – not just in an eco town.

She added: "It is hard to make judgements at this stage."

Mr Howells added: "This would be one option to help the council address the significant need for more affordable homes and employment, whilst at the same time responding to the climate change challenges."

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