Lincolnshire Police conduct drug raids at properties in Skegness

Police in Skegness carried out drug raids at properties in the town this morning, the force has confirmed.

They executed executed warrants in two areas of the coastal resort as part of a continuing campaign to tackle drug dealing, drug-related issues and criminality in Lincolnshire.

The force has not revealed if any arrests were made, or if any drug paraphrenalia was found.

Meanwhile, the force has warned that it will take a ‘zero tolerance’ attitude toward drug dealers in the area.

“We take a zero tolerance attitude towards drug dealers and those who prey on our communities and need your help and assistance in providing us with information about drug dealers operating in your neighbourhood and those who commit crime and Anti Social Behaviour,” said PCSO Dave Bunker.

“We want to know about any suspicious activity in your area, such as frequent visitors to premises for short periods throughout the day and night, persons loitering around premises, or cars visiting on a regular basis.

“If you could provide registration numbers and descriptions, that would be extremely useful.

This information can either be passed to Lincolnshire Police on 101 or anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

“The treatment of drug addicts will play a key role in this Police activity, and we will be making every effort to get identified drug users into an appropriate treatment programme.

“This will not only reduce the demand for the drugs themselves, but will also have an impact on vehicle crime and burglary, which are predominantly committed by addicts in order to support their habit.

“Skegness Police are committed to working together to ensure East Lincolnshire and its communities are safe and secure.

“We cannot do this without your help. Your co-operation is essential if we are going to achieve our objectives,” he added.