Jail for ‘bullying’ Skegness lorry driver who tried to intimidate witness to withdraw evidence against him

A Skegness lorry driver who tried to persuade a witness to withdraw her evidence against him has been jailed for a total of 15 months at Lincoln Crown Court.

Russell Dyer had been arrested after a series of violent assaults in which he attacked a woman and two teenage girls.

But later he made attempts to get one of the teenagers to withdraw her complaint.

Phil Howes, prosecuting, said Dyer made contact through text messages and Facebook and at one point said: “If I get put down for this everyone will suffer”.

And later he sent a message saying: “I’m going to cause mayhem everywhere I go until they put me away for life.”

Dyer had earlier assaulted his 44-year-old partner throwing her around the room at her home.

He then attacked the teenagers grabbing each of them around the throat.

Dyer later told police he had drunk lager and vodka admitting that he had “gone crackers”.

He was bailed but subsequently made attempts to get at one of the witnesses.

Dyer, 45, of Winchester Close, Skegness, admitted three charges of common assault on 23 September and a further charge of witness intimidation.

Judge Michael Heath told him: “You are a bully boy. If things don’t suit you then you cut up rough particularly when you are in drink.

“The only sentence I can impose for this type of behaviour is imprisonment.”

Gordon Holt, defending, said Dyer has since been remorseful and expressed his shame at what he did.

He said Dyer suffered from post traumatic stress disorder and as a result lost his job because he could not face driving.

The incident occurred at a time when he was drinking increasing amounts of alcohol while taking prescribed medication.

“Things erupted that night. He has since been seeking to address his problems.”