Skegness beach is on the move

PART of the town’s beach will be transported to a square in Lincoln to create a taste of the seaside in the city.

The Lincoln by the Sea event is taking place for the whole of next month and is being run in conjunction with the Skegness Partnership and other businesses.

It is hoped the artificial beach will be a mechanism for sharing experiences and be a useful tool in promoting the town.

Shoppers will have the chance to feel the sand between their toes in City Square opposite the Waterside Shopping Centre in Lincoln.

This is the second year that the Skegness Partnership will participate once again with Lincoln BIG, who will manage the beach using 24-hour security.

At night, the area will be closed, fenced off and continuously monitored to prevent any vandalism.

Children will be able to take part in traditional seaside games and older members of the family can relax in deck chairs brought in especially from Skegness. There will also be a special appearance from Punch and Judy and a beach hut.

Visitors to the attraction can expect chilled out fun in the sun alongside other planned activities and appearances from the Jolly Fisherman and Dino The Dragon who will represent Skegness.

The Skegness Roadshow equipment will also be used to promote the town over the four weeks in Lincoln which has gained support from the town council.

However some councillors expressed safety concerns over the equipment being left at night in Lincoln at the Business and Resources Committee held last Wednesday.

The committee eventually concluded that the team wishing to use the trailer must hold the correct insurance and meet a list of criteria before the equipment be lent out.

At present, the proposed programme states that the beach will open on August 1 at 11am where teams will distribute vouchers for Skegness and other local attractions.

Other representatives from the town’s tourist attractions such as Butlins, Gibraltar Point, Natureland and the Skegness Stadium are still to be confirmed.

At the weekends and peak times in the holiday periods organisers of the city beach will also be looking to promote other themes and attractions to draw more visitors to Skegness.

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