Annual dance awards

THE Embassy Theatre, Skegness, was the venue for the Janice Sutton Theatre School's annual presentation.

The theatre was full of proud parents and friends and the enthusiasm of students and pupils as they were presented with their awards.

Janice said it had been the busiest of years with the summer show and charity performances as well as more than 700 examinations in all aspects of musical theatre.

This included exams in ballet, modern jazz, tap, theatrecraft, gymnastics, singing and drama.

She thanked the pupils and parents for their support and hard work and also the teachers, Mrs Joy Everett, Emma Blyth, Keith Weston (singing coach), Clare Smith (drama coach) and Amy Thrower, who took her IBTA pre-associate teachers examination.

The examination results had been excellent with many honours and a number with 88 to 91 per cent marks.

The school is now preparing for its Christmas production at the Embassy, on December 26, 28, and January 1 and 2.

Exam results

Rosettes, turquoise: Alyssa Fairbrother, Ellie-Jai McLean, Cameron Hodgkinson, Brook Hartshorn, Tia Bunce, Evie Toombes, Temira Miles, Lauren Eades.

Ballet, beige: Alyssa Fairbrother, Ellie-Jai McClean, Cameron Hodgkinson, Brook Hartshorn, Tia Bunce, Lauren Eades, Chloe Fordyce, Bethany Stewart.

Theatrecraft, yellow: Ellie-Mae Leybourne, Sophie Mowbray, India Machin, Tilly Hayes, Kira Carter, Demi Webster, Annabel Cumberworth, Charlotte Minnikin, Devina McGarry, Chelsey Carter, Jade Kemp, Morgan Cobble, Kerys Broughton, Rene'a Hutchinson, Darcy O'Connor, Chloe Delafontaine, Megan Harvey, Tommi Kenyon, Holly Lefley, Lily Biddall, Ella-Jai Wilson, Chloe Brazier, Emily Sanderson, Maddison Bates, Neve Hamilton, Sophie Beaver, Aleisha Coote, Bethany Wilson, Jessica Gething, Laura Gething, Ellisia Hiley.

Theatrecraft, mauve: Sophie Clarke, Lauren Sim, Olivia Downing, Frankie Machin, Gracie Walls, Alexandra Smith, Millie Sumner, Kaitlin Cartwright, Ella Swan, Jessica Palmer, Mizuki Komatsu, Kenzi Lane, Charlotte Allison, Robyn Crump, Alice Hewlett-Bowler, Alisha Coote, Lili Biddall, Chloe Brazier, Elle Harvey, Ellisia Hiley, Emily Sanderson, Ella-Jai Wilson, Neve Hamilton, Jessica Gething, Laura Gething, Sophie Beaver, Bethany Wilson.

Tap, red: Chloe Brazier, Emily Sanderson, Ella-Jai Wilson, Maddison Bates, Neve Hamilton, Lili Biddall, Sophie Beaver, Laura Gething, Jessica Gething, Aleisha Coote, Ellisia Hiley, Bethany Wilson.

Tap, blue: Laura Sanderson, Millie Simpson, Bethany Timby, Shanice Titre, Taylor Bell, Victoria Spence, Rebecca Done, Gina Thompson, Harley Speed, Annabeth Bonsor, Chelsea Needham, Ellie Smalley, Alisha Smith.

Modern jazz, green: Victoria Spence, Alisha Smith, Bethany Timby, Laura Sanderson, Ellie Smalley, Millie Simpson, Chelsea Needham, Sophie Clarke, Ella Swan, Robyn Crump, Alisha Coote, Ellisia Hiley, George Birbeck, Jessica Palmer, Lauren Sim, Kenzi Lane, Kaitlin Cartwright, Millie Sumner, Frankie Machin, Olivia Downing, Charlotte Allison, Alexandra Smith, Gracie Walls, Tessa Pritchard.

Gymnastics, orange: Chelsea Needham, Ellie Smalley, Laura Sanderson, Alisha Smith, Annabeth Bonsor, Gina Thompson, Harley Speed, Millie Simpson, Bethany Timby, Rebecca Done, Taylor Bell, Shanice Titre, Victoria Spence.

Gymnastics, lime: Ella Swan, Sophie Clarke, Frankie Machin, Alexandra Smith, Charlotte Allison, Alisha Coote, George Birbeck, Kenzi Lane, Lauren Sim, Jessica Palmer, Millie Sumner, Tessa Pritchard, Elle Harvey.

Ballet, pre-juvenile award: Chloe Epton, Tia Bunce, Cameron Hodgkinson, Toni Williams, Evie Toombes, Temira Miles, Ellie-Jai McLean, Darcie Lee Wilson, Alyssa Fairbrother, Lauren Eades, Brook Hartshorn, highly comm.

Juvenile medal ballet: Ellie-May Laybourne, Kira Carter, Megan Harvey, Morgan Cobble, India Machin, Jade Kemp, Tommi Kenyon, Devina McGarry, Demi Webster, Kira Carter, Darcy O'Conner (honours), Charlotte Minnikin, Kerys Broughton, Annabel Cumberworth, Sophie Mowbray, Bethany Stewart, Rene'a Hutchinson, Tilly Hayes, Holly Lefley (highly comm).

Prep ballet: Ellie May Leybourne, Sophie Mowbray, Darcy O'Connor, Tommi Kenyon, Demi Webster, Devina McGarry, Jade Kemp (honours), Lili Biddall (highly comm).

Primary ballet: Megan Harvey, Emily Sanderson, Sophie Beaver, Chloe Brazier, Laura Gething, Chloe Delafontaine, Darcy O'Conner, Ellie-May Laybourne, Jade Kemp, Kira Carter, Tommi Kenyon (honours), Annabel Cumberworth, Charlotte Minnikin, Kerys Broughton, Devina McGarry, Demi Webster, Sophie Mowbray, Holly Lefley, India Machin, Rene'a Hutchinson, Tilly Hayes, Bethany Wilson (highly comm).

Ballet, grade I: Ellie Smalley, Victoria Spence, Harley Speed, Sophie Clarke, Charlotte Allison, Rebecca Done, Bethany Timby, Taylor Bell, Chelsea Needham, Gina Thompson, Millie Simpson, Annabeth Bonsor (honours), Paige Rich, Molly Haddington, Alisha Smith, Laura Sanderson, Shanice Titre, Ella Swan, Alex Smith, Alisha Coote, Robyn Crump, Ellie Harvey, Jessica Palmer, Lauren Sim, Kaitlian Cartwright, Frankie Machin (highly comm), Shanice Titre (comm).

Ballet, grade III: Jade Williams, Rebecca Ellis, Jadina Li, Sophie Bell, Laura Clarke, Luke Walls, Alice Lake (honours), Yuha Shimosugi, Ella Yeadon, Meyer Hazard, Savannah Le-Man, Sabrina Farrell, Hannah Kitchen, Holly Wathall, Georgia Bangham, Ellyce Warren, Amy Lefley (highly comm), Heather Vokins, Maisie Whittam, Rebekah Locking, Olivia Bangham, Natasha Smith (comm).

Ballet, grade V: Alex Finnegan, Jade Botton, Jade Speed, Daisy Yeadon, Bryony Hawkesford, Kiya Pask, Hannah Muirhead (highly comm).

Ballet, grade VI: Joseph Taylor (honours), Emma Relton, Tanisa James (highly comm).

Theatrecraft, juvenile medal

Alisha Coote, Emily Sanderson, Bethany Wilson (honours), Ella-Jai Wilson, Elle Harvey, Ellisia Hiley, Lili Biddall, Neve Hamilton, Chloe Brazier, Laura Gething, Sophie Brooker (highly comm), Jessica Gething (comm).

Theatrecraft, prep: Kerys Broughton, India Machin, Morgan Cobble, Ellie May Leybourne, Jade Kemp, Charlotte Minnikin, Tilly Hayes, Sophie Mowbray, Demi Webster, Annabel Cumberworth, Darcy O'Conner, Rene'a Hutchinson, Devina McGarry, Tommi Kenyon (honours), Kira Carter, Chloe Delafontaine, Holly Lefley, Chelsey Carter (highly comm).

Primary theatrecraft: Alisha Coote, Ella-Jai Wilson, Lili Biddall, Emily Sanderson, Chloe Brazier, Ellisia Hiley, Neve Hamilton, Sophie Brooker, Jessica Gething, Laura Gething, Maddison Bates, Elyna Hayes, Bethany Wilson (honours).

Theatrecraft, grade I: Rebecca Done, Harley Speed, Paige Rich, Bethany Timby, Ellie Smalley, Millie Simpson, Chelsea Needham (honours), Victoria Spence, Taylor Bell, Annabeth Bonsor, Gina Thompson, Laura Sanderson, Shanice Titre, Alisha Smith, Molly Haddington (highly comm).

Theatrecraft, grade II: Holly Wathall, Ella Yeadon, Yuha Shimosugi, Savannah Le-Man, Maisie Whittam, Heather Vokins, Olivia Bangham, Meyer Hazard, Skye Reynolds, Olivia Brown, Olivia Green, Robyn Martin (honours), Luke Haywood, Rebekah Locking, Natasha Smith, Kennedy Perkins, Charlotte Sanderson (highly comm).

Juvenile tap medal: Sophie Clark, Olivia Downing, Gracie Walls, Jessica Palmer (honours), Kaitlian Cartwright, Ella Swan, Lauren Sim, Kenzi Lane, Frankie Machin, Alex Smith, Robyn Crump, Charlotte Allison, Mizuki Komatsu, Alice Hewlett-Bowler (highly comm).

Tap prep: Taylor Bell, Millie Simpson, Harley Speed, Annabeth Bonsor, Gina Thompson, Bethany Timby, Chelsea Needham, Sophie Clarke, Charlotte Allison, Ella Swan, Millie Sumner, Jade Kemp, Alex Smith, Olivia Downing, Kaitlian Cartwright, Alice Hewlett-Bowler, Jessica Palmer, Lauren Sim, Frankie Machin, Gracie Walls, Alisha Coote, Ellie Harvey (honours), Rebecca Done, Victoria Spence, Ellie Smalley, Alisha Smith, Molly Haddington, Laura Sanderson, Paige Rich, Shanice Titre, Kenzi Lane, Mizuki Komatsu, Robyn Crump, Ella-Jai Wilson, Sophie Beaver, Neve Hamilton, Lili Biddall, Jessica Gething, Laura Gething (highly comm).

Primary tap: Meyer Hazard, Olivia Brown, Millie Simpson, Rebecca Done, Chelsea Needham, Tilly Huskisson, Harley Speed (honours), Victoria Spence, Skye Reynolds, Olivia Green, Charlotte Sanderson, Kennedy Perkins, Hanna Ratynska, Bethany Timby, Annabeth Bonsor, Robyn Martin, Taylor Bell, Gina Thompson, Ellie Smalley, Laura Sanderson (highly comm), Alisha Smith, Shanice Titre, Danni-Lee Sandland.

Tap, grade I: Luke Walls, Olivia Bangham, Heather Vokins, Yuha Shimosugi, Savannah Le-Man, Ella Yeadon, Holly Wathall (honours), Rebecca Ellis, Laura Clarke, Hannah Kitchen, Jadina Li, Rebekah Locking, Maisie Whittam, Sophie Bell, Jade Williams (highly comm), Luke Haywood, Amy Lefley, Natasha Smith, Ellyce Warren, Georgia Bangham, Alice Lake (comm).

Ladies tap, gold: Marie Jowers, Cheryl Yeadon, Althea Clark, Rachael Simpson, Sarah Speed, Lucy Swan, Raye Bray, Karen Lindsay, Beryl Cullingworth, Pauline Woods, Doreen Whiley, Joan Copse (honours).

Gymnastics primary: Charlotte Allison, Sophie Clarke, Ella Swan, Jessica Palmer, Alex Smith (honours), Frankie Machin, Alisha Coote, Kenzi Lane, Gracie Walls, Robyn Crump, Lauren Sim, Millie Sumner, Olivia Downing, Tessa Pritchard (highly comm).

Gymnastics, grade I: Ellie Smalley, Bethany Timby, Millie Simpson (honours), Rebecca Done, Annabeth Bonsor, Paige Rich, Chelsea Needham, Shanice Titre, Harley Speed, Alisha Smith, Gina Thompson, Taylor Bell, Victoria Spence, Laura Sanderson, Molly Haddington (highly comm).

Bronze gym: Laura Clark, Sophie Bell, Rebecca Ellis, Jade Williams, Hannah Kitchen (honours).

Silver gym: Jade Botton, Alex Finnegan, Jade Speed, Bryony Hawkesford, Rebecca Ellis, Sophie Bell, Laura Clark, Jade Williams (honours), Hannah Kitchen (highly comm).

Gymnastics, first gold bar: Joseph Taylor (honours).

Musical theatre (singing, drama, dance)

Stage I: Bethany Timby, Millie Simpson, Alisha Smith, Gina Thompson, Ellie Smalley, Chelsea Needham, Laura Sanderson, Harley Speed, Victoria Spence, Frankie Machin, Sophie Clark, Ella Swan, Natasha Smith, Olivia Downing, Alex Smith, Charlotte Allison, Millie Sumner, Kaitlian Cartwright, Robyn Crump, Kenzi Lane (honours), Lauren Sim, Jessica Palmer, Laura Sanderson, George Birkbeck.

Stage III musical theatre: Jade Botton, Bryony Hawkesford, Shauni Wright, Jadina Li, Rebecca Ellis, Georgia Bangham, Holly Wathall, Maisie Whittam, Natasha Smith, Ellyce Warren, Hannah Kitchen, Meyer Hazard, Charlotte Sanderson, Alice Lake, Olivia Bangham, Jade Williams, Olivia Brown, Ella Yeadon, Jade Speed, Laura Clark, Yuha Shimosugi, Olivia Green, Kennedy Perkins, Savannah Le-Man, Heather Vokins, Rebekah Locking, Skye Reynolds, Robyn Martin, Amy Lefley, Jessica Rose-Wood, Sophie Bell (honours).

Modern jazz, prep: Charlotte Allison, Alex Smith, Alisha Coote, Laura Sanderson, Sophie Clarke, Lauren Sim, Jessica Palmer, George Birkbeck, Robyn Crump, Ella Swan (highly comm), Frankie Machin, Laura Sanderson, Kenzi Lane, Tessa Pritchard, Shanice Titre (comm).

Modern jazz, primary: Olivia Green, Meyer Hazard, Skye Reynolds, Olivia Brown, Chelsea Needham, Millie Simpson, Harley Speed, Tilly Huskisson (honours), Bethany Timby, Kennedy Perkins, Robyn Martin, Charlotte Sanderson, Rebecca Done, Victoria Spence (highly comm), Laura Sanderson, Alisha Smith, Gina Thompson, Charlotte Odling, Danni Lee Sandland (comm).

Modern jazz, grade I: Luke Haywood, Maisie Whittam, Meyer Hazard, Olivia Bangham, Heather Vokins, Holly Wathall, Ella Yeadon, Yuha Shimosugi, Skye Reynolds, Olivia Brown (honours), Natasha Smith, Rebekah Locking, Ellyce Warren, Kennedy Perkins, Olivia Green, Robyn Martin, Charlotte Sanderson (highly comm).

Modern jazz, Grade II: Hannah Kitchen, Luke Walls, Jade Williams, Rebecca Ellis, Sophie Bells, Jadina Li, Jessica Rose-Wood, Laura Clarke, Amy Lefley, Alice Lake (honours).

Modern jazz, grade III: Jade Williams, Laura Clarke, Sophie Bell, Jessica Rose-Wood, Luke Walls, Hannah Kitchen, Jadina Li, Rebecca Ellis (highly comm), Amy Lefley, Sabrina Farrell (comm).

Modern jazz, grade IV: Joseph Taylor, Alex Finnegan, Tanisa Jaines, Emma Relton, Abigail Matthews (honours), Jade Botton, Callum Dewar, Daisy Yeadon, Jade Speed, Kiya Pask, Bryony Hawkesford, Hannah Muirhead, Bethany Jenkins, Shauni Wright, Chantelle Farrell, Laura Rushforth (highly comm), Gemma Epton, Emma Cottington, Francesca Lindsey, Laura Hamilton (comm).

Jazz gold medal: Emma Relton, Callum Dewar, Jade Botton, Joseph Taylor, Daisy Yeadon, Shauni Wright, Alex Finnegan, Jade Speed, Chantelle Farrell, Kiya Pask, Abigail Matthews, Bryony Hawkesford (honours), Emma Cottington, Laura Rushforth, Bethany Jenkins, Hannah Muirhead (highly comm).

IDTA pre-associate, modern jazz: Amy Thrower (highly comm).

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