VW teases electric microbus

VW teases electric microbus
VW teases electric microbus

Retro concept to be unveiled at Detroit motor show

Many of us will remember the old 1960s VW Microbus. Some of us may even have owned one.

If you didn’t and think you would quite like one now, you might struggle to afford a restored example as they have become jolly expensive of late.

Perhaps all is not lost, however, as the signs are that VW may be building a new (but old-style) microbus along the lines of this ID ‘space concept’ due to go on public display at the Detroit show in January.

Based on the MEB platform of the ID hatchback concept, this is VW’s second electric MPV concept in quick succession, following the Budd-e displayed at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show.


The microbus concept apparently features “outstanding accommodation”, an “extended electric range”, two electric motors and four-wheel drive.

Teaser pictures suggest a near-vertical windscreen, negligible body overhangs and a ‘V’ styling feature up front, just like on the original ’Bus. The iconic VW badge is illuminated and there’s a retractable steering wheel with a touch sensitive pad to launch autonomous driving functions.

VW officials have been talking about showing a series of new self-driving electric-powered concept cars in 2017. Up to five zero-emission models could reach production as part of the company’s Future 2025 targeting the building of 500,000 electric car sales by the mid-2010s.


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